The Slovenian Hospitality and Tourism Convention (GTZ) is the largest guild event of the Slovenian tourism, hospitality, and hotel industry. It is also one of the most long-standing forms of professional get-together, networking, and gaining new expertise in the industry. This year’s event will be the 66th of its kind, which clearly shows its tradition, as well as the firm connections between all who jointly create the successful stories of the industry. This event brings together over 3,000 tourism and hospitality experts, connoisseurs, and employees from across Slovenia, as well as from the international arena. It unites the key stakeholders in the value chain: the economy, educational institutions, public institutions, and supporting organisations.

The Convention will take place in close cooperation with this year’s host, Union Hotels Ljubljana. We have also paired up with other larger partner institutions from the field of tourism in Slovenia, the Slovenian Tourist Board, the Slovenian Tourism Association, etc. The Assembly will offer numerous competitions, with the best individuals from the fields of hospitality and tourism competing in various categories, expert lectures, socialising, and presentation of the latest trends. The event has the active support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

This year, for the first time since 1979, the Assembly is again coming to the capital, beautiful green Ljubljana. The old gentleman, our Hospitality and Tourism Assembly, has been updated following the latest trends. The first major novelty is its duration, as the Assembly will spread over three days. We wish to create sufficient time and room for all participants to maximise the possibilities of networking, socialising, and gaining expert knowledge. Everything that we need in our line of work.

The three-day competitions remain the golden thread of the Convention, i.e. individual and team competitions in cooking, hospitality, and hotel management. The competitors will prepare their creations or showcase their expertise in their service field under the watchful eyes of internationally recognised judges. As the Assembly is celebrating 66 years of tradition in Slovenia, there is almost not a chef, caterer, or hotel employee who has not yet taken part in the competition organised at the Hospitality and Tourism Assembly, and this is a trend which we also wish to keep alive in the future.

The competition will conclude with an attractive cooking show, bringing together the three best members in the most difficult category. The show will be led by presenters and conclude with the presentation of other awards. The best competitors in the professional competitions, which will be
classified into categories in terms of difficulty level, will receive attractive awards provided by our sponsors, such as weekend packages, guided city trips, etc., and monetary awards for students. We wish to encourage young people to take a part in such competitions, establish connections with their peers, and consolidate their knowledge, thus becoming a priceless part of the hospitality and tourism industry. This will also allow us to take the first step towards mitigating human resources problems in the branch.

At the Welcome to the 66th GTZ session, the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia, under the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Ministry of the Agriculture, Forestry and Food, will present awards for special achievements in Slovenian hospitality and tourism.

We will also bring back some of the amazing activities from 20 years ago, when branch employees used to reward ourselves for a job well done and informally socialise at the Gala Dinner. This year, the dinner will be organised on the first day of the Assembly and held in the spirit of charity, following the general feeling of social responsibility. A part of the collected funds will be donated to the Ljubljana Moste-Polje Friends of Youth Association for the Chain of Good People project, as we firmly believe that people in the tourism, hospitality, and hotel management industry set an important example to society. Throughout the evening, we will enjoy the chosen culinary delights of national and international chefs, including:

  • Jure Tomič from Oštarija Debeluh, Barilla Pasta World Champion for 2016,
  • Igor Jagodic, Gault&Millau Chef of the Year 2019,
  • Tomaž Kavčič, one of the Top 100 Chefs according to The Best Chef Awards,
  • Wine accompaniment chosen by a world renown sommelier Mira Šemič.

The event will also feature the presentation of 5-star quality awards by the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia for the best in Slovenia, as chosen by the expert committee.

Other new features mainly relate to content, e.g.:

  • Trendy competitions – latte art, finger food, burger preparation, and beer pairing
  • Lectures by renowned Slovenian chefs and experts:
  • The latest trends in the branch: attractive GourmetShop – meat ageing and preparing, sous-vide cooking (slow vacuum cooking), and modern culinary trends by including Slovenian products with designated origin.
  • A renewed offer and accompanying activities by wine-and beer-makers.